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Couple's Guidance

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 180 US dollars
  • zoom

Service Description

It is my joy to work with couples and be a bridge for there true line. What is the truth that lives within each individual? How, once the deep parts feel safe, can a true line between a couple, form a unit that is both flexible, and able to integrate the hurts and pains that only a loving relationship gives access too. Love is the great bringer of pain, for in love our hearts open and all the history gushes out. The places inside that lay hidden till love fills our heart, then the old hurt flows through our actions. How to hold each other, and allow the pain to flow and create a container of trust to grow. This is what I have found in myself and with those I work with. Love is the deepest activator for us to heal through. I create a container for love to grow with all that flows out. It is my honor to hold the healing process in all it's forms.

Contact Details

+ 707 413 9852

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