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Surya is a true gift. Her innate intelligence and care for the human body and spirit amazes me. I can't remember another massage therapist/body worker who is so detailed and intuitive to what my body needs. She also incorporates some breath work and beautiful forest sounds throughout our sessions. She CARES. And she has some deep wisdom! I feel lighter, and deeply, deeply relaxed after our sessions. She goes above and beyond and I look forward to continue working together. She KNOWS what the body needs - truly. 
Brittany Nelson

"Surya has a very unique and uncanny gift for seeing and shedding light on the true motivations behind challenging dynamics.With deep compassion for all involved, she is able to speak to the heart of the matter.

I've admired her non-judgemental articulation of our human strategies and loved her warmth and integrity in all her dealings - may it be one-on-one or in community settings - for over 25 years."


Yemaya Renuka Duby ~ Somatic Therapist

"Over the last 10 years I've had the pleasure to Produce, Direct and Organize high level world-building conferences with Surya Kramer. Her depth of knowledge is integral for bringing health and awareness to the heart of the  wounded, as well as narratives that are in need of an evolutionary re-framing.  Her ambition to bring our culture into care is aimed through, love, playfulness and brilliant webs of Social Architecture.


One of the most unique and profound qualities concerning Surya is her clear and conscious way of communicating. A true poet linguist, her words, ideas and deep understanding flow smoothly like the stream to the river.  When Surya speaks, she captures the room, holds them gently in reason and imagination, then mirrors back their own internal wisdom so to build living bridges to health, truth and consensus.


Surya's sincerity in this era of whole systems transition is unmatched! Individuals as well as top level organizations that seek to expand personal and cultural care deserve the love, genius and grace that Surya Kramer can provide.  If asked to public speak, host an event, direct a conference or facilitate her own Master Context of "Culture for Care", rest assured that the audience will be blessed by her potent offering.  Kramer has an authentic seal of lived experience and practiced commitment, an epic-win of worthy intentions manifesting harmonious effects, she's both a sage on the stage and a guide on the side and... shines at multiple levels of providence."

Joseph Jacques

Director of Harmonic Humanity,

“I have been blessed to have a multifaceted relationship with Surya for the past 20 years. We met when I was a teenager, and at a crucial time in my development. Surya gifted me tools of awareness, understanding and expression that have been integral to the foundation of my work in the world.  As a mentor, Surya has relentlessly supported me in deep self understanding, the ability to hold space as compassionate witness, and effective leadership with sensitivity and directness. From the microcosms of internal psychophysical connections, to the macrocosms of community networks, relationship dynamics and global thinking, Surya's elegant work graces the world with dynamism and HEART.  She inspires awe, she inspires action, she inspires connection." 


-Melecio Estrella,  Performing Artist, Choreographer, Teacher

"I was referred to Surya a few years ago by one of my dearest friends who really knows and loves me unconditionally.  i found myself in a new and wonderful relationship yet i was feeling that familiar old brand of crazy again and trying to dance the dysfunctional steps with my new partner.  i am no stranger to self-improvement methods, having spent all of my adult life seeking balance and healing via a wide variety of methods and philosophies.  


Surya's somatic approach has helped me to use my body sensations to ground myself enough to ride the waves of my emotional storms out with a newfound steadiness and an attitude of curiosity instead of paralyzing terror.  I am more compassionate and present with myself and others than ever before, and continue to grow in the ability to witness the happenings of life without getting re-traumatized by the triggers i experience.  For the first time in my life I feel like it's not only possible to be truly content, but my destiny to know a peace of mind body and spirit beyond my wildest dreams.


It is obvious she walks her talk...and i am continually inspired to do the same.  I am eternally grateful for the way she has taught me to hold myself and can honestly say she's a true life-saver in the most profound of ways."  

Dr. Denise Prue

"Having been with Surya,  to me,  she is perpetual motion of feeling.  As I awake to her ownership of the present,  I’ve never been disappointed with her energy. Her range of emotion has the universal to be all inclusive of you and many spheres about you.  All is captured in her purview of the moment." 
I love to bathe in it.     Harry

“I met Surya through synchronicity…..Life led me right to her doorstep….

I entered a space that she has very consciously created for herself and others, which supports the unwinding and healing of many years of false beliefs and trauma which hold us captive, and separate us from our Truth.  She has certainly helped me unplug some deeply entrenched beliefs and energies which were running contrary to my highest evolution.  She holds the space for Release and Renewal, and offers up the powerful frequencies she runs to assist Clearing.  After a number of sessions with Surya, I had one with her of only sound, sounds which rose up through me from a sources of self I’d not yet consciously met, which I later understood as my Eternal Authentic Self… was definitely a birthing, a wave of frequency which traveled down my central energy column and out my first chakra and into a sphere of space around me, like an egg, and I was held by this energy of self and was invited to embody her.  I am now in the process of greater and greater embodiment of my Eternal Authentic Self, and building the Fearlessness to accept this invitation, and this is where my work with Surya is right now.  Old trauma rising to be released, to clear my inner space for all the beauty and creativity of my Eternal Authentic Self.  I feel ready and strong now, through Surya’s support and guidance and brilliant heart-full talent, and through my Self which I know now will always support me. 


I don’t believe Surya can be categorized in terms of modalities or techniques…on one hand I’d call her Angelic Shaman and on the other hand I’d call her Freedom Warrior, but all labels fall short.  Surya has such a special gift of meeting you right where you are, and taking it from there….each time we’ve met, I’ve been awed by how easily I’m able to swim in her waters, and how easily she offers them up…there in her healing room where it is only you, Surya, the space and the safety, and then the vastness, where so much can happen, where so much DOES happen.


I look forward to more sessions with Surya, to my unfolding, and to the deep sharing that takes place in the sacred space she calls Home.” 

Martha Smythe

“My name is Kathleen J. Cook. I am a Registered Nurse with a B.A. in Psychology from the University of California At Santa Cruz.  My clinical experiences are based in 15 years of practice in psychiatric settings with a focus on adult care, drug rehabilitation and pain management.

    I found Surya’s personal knowledge of body systems and body mechanics to be extensive. More importantly, she has the ability to understand and teach how stress effects and debilitates the muscular skeletal, and nervous system and one’s psychological well-being.  I experienced her as an intuitive and completely effective C.M.T. in treating a  compound illness.

    Surya’s ability to teach functional integration of body/mind awareness directly affects one’s emotional and cognitive states. Thorough Surya’s guidance, I discovered how my depression disturbed my physical state and manifested in insomnia.  Through a very supportive and thorough evaluation we discovered how this fear expressed itself within my body and being.  

   During several hypnotherapy sessions Surya created a psychological, physical and spiritual healing process.  This began with a deep state of relaxation where she physically and emotionally supported me through her voice, touch and hypnotherapy skills.  In this state of I explored several frightening childhood experiences that have elicited in my adulthood, causing panic and insomnia.  Then Surya guided me into an emotional and visual creative healing ritual.  This ritual allowed me to move through theses states of fear and replace them with a healing process to access whenever I experience these old patters.  This has been the most valuable tool I have acquired during my growth!

    My recommendation comes not only from the excellent results of her care, but from years of experience in psychotherapy with psychologists working on these same health issues.

Surya has a spacial talent emanating from her personality that allows the client to feel important, supported and comfortable” 

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